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We have been offering exceptionally high quality, reasonably priced, western-european, american and japanese medical products, maintenance, material supply and other servicesfor more than 30 years. We are at the forefront of introducing innovative healthcare technology.

We can offer a wide range of hygiene and care products, materials and equipment for various surgical professions, gastroenterology articles, and emergency devices. Our specialists are available for consultation throughout the country. We are in daily contact with almost all state healthcare institutions in Hungary, and private healthcare is also gaining more and more space in our work.

With a wide selection, speed, a flexible customer-oriented attitude, reliability and predictability, we strive to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with our satisfied customers.


Our services

Our maintenance technicians with more than 20 years of experience, are available to our customers, their work is supported by a team with nearly 30 years of management and corporate sales experience.

Our services provide the following advantages in the field of instrument management:

Economy and Predictability
Accuracy and Reliability

Hospital consumables

Our product range mainly offers solutions for healthcare professionals in the surgical,urological field, general care and sterilization packaging materials.

We try to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and contracted partners with our continuously expanding product range, fast and flexible services, and adaptation to changing needs. Our products include only CE-certified devices that have been tested in hospitals, and we guarantee their quality.

We try to find a solution for every individual need and to meet the challenges of healthcare purchasers. To achieve this, we receive help from all foreign manufacturers, whose exclusive representation in Hungary, thus providing our users with a full selection of their products.

With our constantly updated stock, we contribute to the high-level service of the partners who visit us regularly, with which we can meet the expectations of the current market and adapt to customer needs.


Your transport tasks are reduced, having a favorable effect on costs.

This service of ours makes it possible to reduce costs, as we take over the warehouse workers (1-2 people), rent out the warehouses, take over the existing stock, establish an online connection with the departments, and even deliver to the departments, if necessary, approved by the hospital management and ordered by the departments products.

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