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Allegro Ltd. was founded in April 1990, as a company specializing in the distribution of medical instruments and hospital supplies. The capital of the company is HUF 236 million. The turnover in the first year of operation was HUF 28 million, and it nearly reached HUF 3 billion (€ 9,5 million) in the year 2018.


The staff of Allegro consists of 40 employees, among them skilled product managers. The company's working process corresponds to the standards of Western companies, and is characterized by a complete computerization. From the arrival of a product over the creation of invoices to the bookkeeping department, an updated and accurate information can be provided at any time. The main pillars of Allegro's activity are surgical and diagnostic products, as well as nursing and hygiene items. Annual turnover is mostly made up of disposable products, machines and equipment.


Our company is the exclusive Hungarian distributor of various international companies. In the last five years, Allegro participated in various technical hospital reconstruction programs, primarily as a main or subcontractor in the medical technology area. To be able to handle the distribution of medical machinery and equipment, as well as the execution of tasks related to medical technology, we have consciously worked on building a technical service team, currently consisting of 12 employees.


Customer service problems are taken care of by engineers with professional training in medical technology. The team's work today is more characterized by jobs involving complete hospital projects,hospitals, clinics and policlinics.


Allegro's relationship with its suppliers, among them the world's most important machine, equipment and disposable producers-is based on honesty and mutual trust.The annual turnover is processed without prepayments or any types of security.


As a result of its continuous high quality standards Allegro has acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification as of January, 2001. Our extensive and ever increasing product line can be viewed at our homepage with the URL www.allegro.hu.


Click to download the ISO certification.


Allegro's main goal is to pursue a modest and realistic price policy that is consistent with the financial possibilities of the Hungarian healthcare system, and to be a reliable, professional business partner to the over 100 state-run medical institutions as well as the expanding private medical facilities it is in business contact with.

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